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Say goodbye to plastic brushes and Get that saving the planet feeling every morning with our 100% plant-based Bamboo toothbrush.

    Moso Bamboo Toothbrush
    100% plant-based
    Fully compostable at home
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Choose An Eco Friendly Toothbrush

Dentists (like our founders) and hygienists recommend changing your brush or brush head every 3-4 months to maintain good oral health. The problem with this is that over 1 BILLION plastic toothbrushes are being thrown into landfill or the ocean as a result.

Our mantra is that we are designed by dentists to be good for you AND the planet. So we wanted to solve this problem to give you a healthy smile and give the planet a healthy ocean!

The Solution To The Problem

This is why we created the 100% plant-based and fully compostable PÄRLA Bamboo Toothbrush. Unlike most brushes on the market, not only is our handle made of the most sustainable Moso Bamboo, but our bristles (normally containing plastic even in most bamboo brushes) are 100% plant-based – made from castor beans.

This means our Bamboo Toothbrush and bristles can be fully composted at home!!

Product benefits

We have taken out the bad stuff and only left in what your smile - and the planet - need to stay healthy!

100% plant-based
Sustainable bamboo bristles
Do not damage
the environment

Why Moso?

Wild Moso bamboo is a specific type of bamboo which grows a metre a day without the need for pesticides or fertiliser and with very little water. Thus for us it was the only option when choosing our sustainable PÄRLA BRUSH handle material.

This specific type of bamboo has been named “panda-friendly” as pandas do not eat it or inhabit the region where it grows.

As it comes from the soil it can go back to the soil and be fully composted at home (although industrial composting will always be quicker!)

Plant-Based Bristles

For a long time, we avoided bringing out a bamboo brush as we weren’t happy with the bristle options. The bristles in most brushes either contained mainly Nylon (made from crude oil!) or if you wanted a natural source it was from boar’s hair (Not Vegan!!).

After months and months of searching, we finally found our new bristles which we can proudly say are fully plant-based AND compostable!! The bristles on our PÄRLA BRUSH are uniquely made of castor beans and can be fully composted with the brush. Unlike nylon which is made of crude oil and breaks down into harmful molecules. When our 100% plant-based castor bean oil bristles break down they degrade into positive nutrients which can be used by other plants!

They can be composted at home but much faster in an industrial compost where the specific conditions speed up the composting process.

Designed By Dentists To Be Good For You And The Planet!

It’s all about the toothbrush head when it comes to brushing well! We wanted a smaller head with rounded edges that could access even the most hard to reach parts of the mouth.

We also wanted the PÄRLA BRUSH to have a strong design and look beaut on your bathroom shelf and we think we nailed that too!