PÄRLA FLOSS - Subscription


Plastic-free and plant-based compostable dental floss to upgrade your oral hygiene routine 0% Waste, 0% Plastic. 100% Dentist recommended.

   Zero waste & plant-based floss held in 100% plastic-free packaging 
   100% home compostable
   Fluoride coated for added anti-cavity effect 
   Minty fresh and waxed using all-natural ingredients

Choose Our Eco-Friendly Floss

Are you a regular flosser? We don’t mean the dance… and sorry, but we won’t be counting the odd occasion you’ve got popcorn stuck in your teeth and you finally reach for a toothpick, floss stick, or loving friend to help you fish it out! 

Dentists, like our founders and hygienists around the world, recommend flossing daily to maintain good oral health- and you really REALLY should be! 

Here’s the harsh truth…brushing alone only cleans 75% of your teeth - leaving the crucial area in between your teeth unclean. This area is the most common location to see dental decay and gum disease. 

Whilst you might have your brushing technique nailed (we have no doubts that it’s a 10/10 performance) you need your floss game to match! 

The Solution To The Problem

This is why we created a 100% plant-based and fully compostable PÄRLA Floss

We know it’s our own floss, but we’ve really outdone ourselves on this one! 

Not only is the floss itself completely plastic-free and plant based but it’s held in a reusable glass jar with an aluminium lid which can be used forever plus the cardboard box it comes in is also infinitely recyclable.

This means our floss can be fully composted at home - just throw it in your compost heap or garden waste bin and it will eventually turn into plant food!  

A well-deserved round of applause for the development team on this one because that’s pretty awesome right?! 

Product benefits

We have taken out the bad stuff and only left in what your smile - and the planet - need to stay healthy!

100% Plant-based
Fluoride Coated for anti-cavity effects
100% Plastic-free and home compostable
All natural flavourings

What’s it made out of?

Our floss has 4 simple ingredients 

CORN FLOSS - plant-based floss material 

Candella Wax - natural vegan wax for sliding between the teeth 

Peppermint - Flavouring for Minty fresh teeth 

Fluoride - Anti-cavity effects

What’s in other floss products that make them bad? 

Sadly, a lot! Most traditional floss is made of Nylon - this plastic is derived from fossil fuels and lasts on the planet for 500 years+. The flavourings and coatings used are also usually made from synthetic ingredients which you wouldn’t necessarily choose to put in close contact with your teeth and gums every day!  

Why Fluoride?

PÄRLA floss contains 100-200ppm fluoride to help stop cavities from forming between your teeth - the most common place bad bacteria like to hideo

PÄRLA FLOSS comes in a neat glass jar with a robust Aluminium lid. Refill your floss spool easily and display it proudly next to the rest of your PÄRLA products. 

Designed By Dentists To Be Good For You And The Planet!

As with all our products, we wanted the PÄRLA FLOSS to have a beautiful design and be an attractive addition to your bathroom shelf. Say goodbye to those horrible plastic cases!

PÄRLA FLOSS comes in a neat glass jar with a robust Aluminium lid. Refill your floss spool easily and display it proudly next to the rest of your PÄRLA products.