09 March 22

Don't Squeeze The Planet

Don’t Squeeze The Planet any longer!

Every toothpaste tube we’ve ever used still exists somewhere on earth. 20 billion toothpaste tubes go to landfill or the ocean every single year. That’s the equivalent weight of 24,000 humpback whales.

Enough is enough. Don’t Squeeze The Planet any longer. We’re calling on all of our friends and family to ditch plastic toothpaste tubes forever and head to Sainsbury’s to make the switch to PÄRLA.

For every PÄRLA jar bought in Sainsbury’s until April 22nd (Earth Day), we’ll be donating to Less Plastic UK.

Not only are we trying to eliminate future toothpaste tubes from landfill, but we’re trying to right the wrongs of Big Toothpaste by removing their plastic from our oceans too. For the next 6 weeks, every jar of PÄRLA you buy in Sainsbury’s stores or at sainsburys.com will support Less Plastic's work to remove plastic from the ocean.

Will you support us by buying a jar for yourself or someone else you care about?

1. Find your nearest Sainsbury's on our store locator.

2. Head down there or shop online

3. Buy a jar of PÄRLA Original or PÄRLA Pro

4. Take a snap of your planet-saving toothpaste tabs and share on social media.

Together we can achieve our mission to eliminate 1 million plastic tubes from reaching landfill or the ocean within the next 3 years.

Do you have your own Dental practise?

If you have your own dental practise you can order a free toothpaste tube amnesty bin! Just complete this form and we will get one delivered to you.