Dr Rhona Eskander

Championing women in the workplace, Forbes has described Dr Rhona as the ‘woman who is working To Change The Health And Wellness Industries In The UK’. She is the only female dentist to win Best Young Dentist at the Private Dentistry awards in three years. Known for her passion, she is also an international speaker, lecturer and has been featured on national TV.

Dr Simon Chard

Dr Simon is an award-winning cosmetic dentist, international lecturer and President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD). He was also voted dentistry’s person of the year in 2023. He co-owns the highly successful Rothley Lodge Dental with his wife Dr Meghan Chard, where they have looked after the oral health of the people of Surrey for many years. As a prominent cosmetic dentist in the industry Dr Simon has been featured in British GQ, The Times and Men’s Health.

Dr Adarsh Thanki

Dr Ads is a cosmetic dentist based in the world-renowned medical district (Harley Street area) of London. Principal dentist and owner of the Ace Dental Group, Dr Ads brings together a select group of highly skilled multidisciplinary dental surgeons, the latest technology and a caring environment to provide a bespoke and exceptional experience for all his patients.

We are on a mission to revolutionise the outdated toothpaste industry with 100% plastic free packaging and truly effective, clean and cutting-edge ingredients. 

No gimmicks, no greenwashing – with over 30 years combined dental expertise our dentists are leading the way into creating a game-changing oral care brand like no other on the market.

Dr Rhona eskander

Go to product

Without a doubt, the PRO. It's focus on creating goodness from the inside out is something I deeply resonate with in all my product choices, whether that be skin care, hair care or oral care. The PRO stands out as a unique gem in the market, setting us apart as true ingredient-led innovators.

Dr Adarsh Thanki

Never go without;

Our TRAVEL TIN! It is a premium, very useful and perfectly sized for the function it’s designed for - travelling!

Dr Simon Chard

Just launched

This product is a game changer. The world's first Oral Probiotic MOUTHWASH designed to support your body wellness and give you fresh breath on the go. I take this everywhere with me, whether I need it after to launch or in the morning it is so much more than a MOUTHWASH. Game changing innovation!