2 months use per FLOSS.


Introducing PÄRLA FLOSS - a game-changer in oral care. This plastic-free, plant-based dental hero is designed to elevate your oral hygiene routine, caring for both you oral health and the planet. Our plastic free FLOSS, designed meticulously by our dental founders, is fluoride-coated to provide enhanced protection for your teeth, strengthening your tooth enamel, making it more resilient to decay - as well as freshening breath. 

Each pack of our minty-fresh FLOSS is a two-month supply made with all-natural ingredients. In keeping with our commitment to environmental sustainability, the floss itself is 100% home compostable and comes in a refillable and infinitely recyclable glass jar with an aluminium lid - no plastic in sight!!

Choose from our flexible purchasing options for your convenience. Opt for a one-time purchase or enjoy the ease of a bi-monthly subscription, delivering FLOSS to your doorstep every 60 days. Manage your subscription with ease through your personal customer account - add, remove, pause, or cancel at your leisure. Elevate your oral care routine with our eco-friendly FLOSS.

Fluoride; Plant based; Minty fresh

Hold the floss tight ensuring their is no slack.
Use a gentle "rocking" movement to guide the floss between your
teeth, without snapping the floss into the gums.

  • PM Only
  • Before brushing your teeth
  • Recommended amount: 45cm
  • Routine: lead with flossing, follow up with your Original or Pro tablet

Everyday use, naturally whitening

How to use FLOSS

Grip it tight!

Cut off 45cm of floss and wind around 1 finger of each hand.

Hold the floss tight between your thumbs and forefingers, leaving about 2.5cm of floss between them, no slack!

Use a gentle rocking movement to guide the floss between your


Corn Floss; Candella Wax; Peppermint; Fluoride

PÄRLA subscription service

Not just a toothpaste tablet, we have designed our products to fit right through your post box.

Our subscription is delivered every 4 months, why? The main reason is due to our sustainability commitment and reducing the CO2 emissions from delivering our products.

You get your very own customer portal where you can add, pause, delay and if necessary cancel your subscription.

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Evening Routine Step 1: Floss

Our dental experts recommend flossing before brushing as it is more effective in removing interdental plaque. Treat it as a foundation to get the best out of your brushing.

Evening Routine step 2: brush

Brush like a pro with our PÄRLA BRUSH and PRO toothpaste tablet. Simply chew a PRO tablet for 5 seconds then brush as normal making sure you cover every part of your teeth.

Evening routine best practice.

There are common misconceptions with the oral care evening regime, here are a few to watch out for:

  • When you floss do not rub the gums.
  • Never rinse after brushing your teeth.
  • Only use mouthwash throughout the day, not in the evening.
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