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Plastic free toothpaste tabs designed by dentists to be good for you and the planet

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A sustainable range of plastic-free and cruelty-free oral care products, as designed by dentists.



Whitening & Sensitivity Toothpaste Tabs supercharged with Hydroxyapatite


From £8 per month
Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 391 reviews
Original Tabs


Naturally Whitening Toothpaste Tabs with Fluoride


From £5 per month
Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 391 reviews


Wild Moso Bamboo Toothbrush


From £2 per month
Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 135 reviews


Plastic-free and plant-based compostable dental floss.


From £4.50
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 5 reviews
"I already use a tablet. This is better."
- Deborah Meaden, BBC Dragons Den
Goodbye plastic tubes
Every toothpaste tube that you’ve ever used still exists somewhere on the planet. 20 billion go to landfill each year. 1 PÄRLA jar can keep up to 4 tubes from going to landfill. One small change. One huge impact.
Try from only £5
We know you don’t want to compromise on quality. So our Dentist founders have found the latest and greatest ingredients sourced from the most ethical locations to protect your white smile and help it last a life time.
Try from only £5
Drs. Simon, Rhona and Adarsh will see you now
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How does PÄRLA work?

1. Chew

Pop a tablet in your mouth and chew for 5 seconds


2. Rinse

Wet your toothbrush before putting it in your mouth.


3. Brush

Brush your teeth as normal, for 2 minutes and make sure to spit but don't rinse.


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Want to know more about PÄRLA?

Learn more about our story, our mission and explore our brand below.

Every tube of toothpaste you have ever used still exists somewhere on the planet
Did you know that over 20 billion tubes of toothpaste end up in landfill (or worse, the ocean) every single year? And they stay there for 500-700 years before they dissolve, causing all sorts of damage to ocean life, shedding microplastics into our water and food, and contributing to health problems across the world? It’s not surprising, since most toothpastes on the market right now are packaged in non-recyclable, single-use plastic, so even if you wanted to dispose of the products safely, you can’t. This was the stark reality that spurred the PÄRLA founders into action.
Toothpaste Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated
As dentists, we’ve spent many years learning about the science of dental care, what works, what doesn’t, and what is absolutely essential to healthy teeth and gums. And we know that you don’t need all of that plastic to have a great toothpaste. So, we set out to create a range of toothpaste products that not only provided great benefits to users, but did no damage to people, animals or the environment. By dehydrating a toothpaste made from clean ingredients into a tablet form, we could remove the need for tube-based products completely. That’s the ultimate goal for us – to radically transform the way the world cleans their teeth, and protect the future of the planet while we’re at it.
Built By Dentists
Our three founders, Dr Rhona Eskander, Dr Simon Chard and Dr Adarsh Thanki are all award-winning and world-renowned dentists with decades of experience. They have close up and personal knowledge of the UK public’s oral health, and the challenges people face when it comes to oral hygiene. These three amazing dentists know exactly what it takes to keep your teeth happy and healthy, and have distilled it all down into one little tablet.
Why Is PÄRLA Better Than Other Toothpastes?
You might be asking yourself why you should switch from your normal toothpaste to a toothpaste tablet with PÄRLA. We know change can be difficult, but we have 3 very good reasons why PÄRLA is the better alternative to any gel toothpaste out there (and any other toothpaste tablet too). Our tablets are:
Better For Your Smile
Did you know that most conventional toothpastes are packed with chemical preservatives to give them a longer shelf life? They also tend to contain dyes, synthetic fragrances, silicones, paraffin, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (or SLS) and other petroleum-based products. All of that goes into your body every time you brush your teeth. But with PÄRLA you get none of that. Just clean, healthy and kind ingredients that give you all the benefits of a high-end toothpaste, without all of the nasty chemical additives. It’s also much better for those who struggle with sensitivity! Thanks to the wonder ingredient hydroxyapatite, our PÄRLA PRO tablets can remineralise and strengthen your enamel. This means a stronger barrier over those pores, and significantly less sensitivity. Since around 28% of the population struggle with sensitive teeth, we wanted to make sure our toothpaste tablets offered the maximum protection. And with PÄRLA Pro, formulated with our strongest defence against sensitivity yet, you never need to worry about eating ice cream again. It’s a win-win. In a world first in a toothpaste tablet, PÄRLA is even good for your immune system. We formulated our tablets very carefully, and each single tablet contains at least 50% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin E & B12. These vitamins are essential for maintaining a healthy mind, immune system and gums, and they can be tricky to get enough of through diet alone. Since our toothpaste tabs are made to be used twice a day, using PÄRLA is an easy way to get the goodness into your body without even trying - the vitamins simply travel through your gums and into your bloodstream.
Better For the Planet
If you use a normal tube-based toothpaste, you will likely throw away around 6-7 tubes in the average year, depending on the size of your household. Each one of those tubes will take around 500-700 years to break down, and during that time they will be releasing harmful chemicals into the water and causing serious damage to ocean life. For example, the colourants Brilliant Blue FCF and Helidone pink (the chemicals used to make toothpaste blue or pink) leave residue in the tube that leaks out into the water, and they are highly toxic to marine life. But with PÄRLA, there is none of that risk since everything is reusable, compostable, or infinitely recyclable. Our toothpaste tablets are packaged in reusable glass jars with aluminium lids – completely plastic free and perfect for refilling or reusing. We even sell refill tablets, shipped in fully compostable plant-based bags and recycled cardboard, so you can be confident that nothing contains plastic. We are also completely transparent about what our products are made from, so you know exactly what’s going into your body. Our products have been designed to be environmentally friendly, free from plastic and sustainable at every single stage. It’s also made right here in the UK and uses next to no water in production, which means it’s as close to carbon neutral as it’s possible to get. Conventional toothpaste can be up to 40% water, which along with the water used to make the plastic has a very real environmental impact. We also don’t test on animals (which most conventional toothpastes still do), don’t use palm oil, and don’t use SLS. Instead, we’ve spent years working to understand the environmental impact of the toothpaste industry, and developed a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste. We believe in healthy smiles and a healthy planet, and PÄRLA toothpaste tablets do exactly that.
Better Than The Rest
We’re not afraid to toot our own horn – we’re the best toothpaste alternative out there. Why? Because we know our stuff. PÄRLA has been formulated by dentists who have spent decades working with the general population, and understand exactly what issues the average person faces when it comes to oral hygiene. Whether it’s struggling to brush your teeth due to poor mental health, difficulty getting rid of gingivitis or simply not getting the right vitamins and minerals to support healthy teeth, we’ve seen it all, and we know how to help. And we’ve used that knowledge to formulate a toothpaste tablet that gives you everything you need for healthy teeth and gums, including flouride, without a hefty price tag. So while there are plenty of other toothpaste tablets on the market, none of them have the same knowledge, skill and research that has gone into creating PÄRLA.
What Do PÄRLA Toothpaste Tablets Contain?
We believe in being completely transparent with our customers, which means showcasing every single ingredient in our PÄRLA toothpaste tablets. We’ve spent a long time researching and perfecting our formula, using only clean and kind ingredients to provide the best results. All PÄRLA toothpaste tablets contain Fluoride to protect against tooth decay, a blend of 4 naturally whitening stain removal agents, a gentle foaming agent made from coconuts, and a limited number of naturally-derived ingredients to provide a delicious mint flavour that stays fresh over time. In addition, PÄRLA PRO contains the wonder ingredient Hydroxyapatite to remineralise your teeth every time you brush, Potassium Citrate to fight sensitivity, and Vitamins B12 and E to boost your immune system. You can find our full ingredient list on our product pages.
The Magic Ingredient - Fluoride
Fluoride is so important to your teeth, but there has been some controversy in the past over fluoride, and so a lot of people are afraid of it without really understanding what it does. Essentially, fluoride is a form of the chemical element fluorine, which is a natural mineral found all over the world. The fluoride deposits are mined and purified, and then added to various products and even some water supplies around the UK. You probably consume fluoride in small quantities every day, in your food and drink without even realising it! Fluoride is an amazing substance. It’s the dentist’s magical key to fight off cavities and tooth decay. When you consume it, it becomes a part of your saliva and helps reduce the acidity of your mouth, preventing tooth decay. But we consume fluoride in such small amounts that it isn’t enough on its own. To really see the benefits, you need to add a topical source as well, which comes in the form of gels, toothpastes and, you guessed it – toothpaste tablets! The problem is, a lot of toothpaste tabs on the market aren’t made with fluoride. Big mistake! Fluoride is the single most effective treatment and prevention against tooth decay, and the easiest way to get it is by brushing your teeth with it. This puts the fluoride in direct contact with your teeth, where it can go to work on those acids and protect your teeth most effectively. PÄRLA toothpaste tablets are packed with a concentrated dose of fluoride – 1450ppm (that’s parts per million) – the perfect dose to keep you and your teeth healthy. Whilst normal toothpaste may also contain fluoride, you’re likely going to end up using either too much or too little depending on the amount of paste you squeeze out from the tube which leads to not being able to take optimal care of your teeth. Hydroxyapatite: This is a mineral that makes up the building blocks of your natural enamel, and is perfect for remineralising, strengthening and smoothing the enamel on your teeth. It’s one of the key ingredients that helps PÄRLA reduce sensitivity in your teeth. Potassium Citrate: This is our super anti-sensitivity ingredient. It’s been proven that toothpaste tablets containing just 5.53% potassium citrate significantly reduce hypersensitivity with regular use - so we made sure ours meet that mark. Vitamin E: Or to give it the technical name, tocopheryl succinate. Vitamin E supports the body in growing T cells, which help you fight infection. It’s also great for your gum health, making you more resilient against things like gum disease. Vitamin B12: Otherwise known as methylcobalamin. This vitamin is difficult to get naturally in all but the sunniest of climates, so most people need all the extra doses they can get! Vitamin B12 deficiencies are also commonly seen with people on a vegan diet and in the elderly, so having this important vitamin included as a part of your teeth-brushing routine is a perfect way to help combat this. So what is Vitamin B12 exactly? B12 is another support for your immune system, assisting in red blood cell production so that your body and immune system can get all the oxygen it needs. Sorbitol: A low calorie sugar substitute. Since sugar is pretty bad for your teeth, we’ve used sorbitol to give PÄRLA its sweet taste and keep it sugar free, so there will be no damage to your teeth. Calcium Carbonate: A gentle but effective abrasive, designed to remove plaque, food particles and debris from your teeth and prevent staining. Kaolin: Kaolin is a natural white clay, and is one of the most abundant natural resources on the planet. We use is as a cleaning and polishing agent, giving your teeth that silky smooth feel. Sodium Bicarbonate: One of the most common ingredients in all toothpaste, and for good reason. This can actually penetrate the plaque layer, breaking up the sticky plaque and allowing you to brush it away – giving you much whiter teeth with each use. Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate: This complicated-sounding chemical is in here to replace those harsh sulphates and silicones found in conventional toothpaste. It is a mild foaming agent that’s made from coconuts, and it gives our toothpaste tablets their gentle foaming quality. Hydrated Silica: Silica is a natural abrasive, just tough enough to loosen plaque and debris from your teeth, but soft enough not to damage your natural enamel. Acacia Gum: A natural preservative, made from tropical trees found in Africa. It helps keep our toothpaste tablets in shape and gives them their long shelf life. It also contains high levels of calcium irons, which can increase tooth remineralisation, which is a nice bonus! Yeast Extract: Believe it or not, yeast is packed with antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, which makes it perfect for stopping the tablets developing bacteria. Sodium Monofluorophosphate: A subset of the fluoride family, this neat element is perfect for helping prevent tooth decay. Each tablet contains the ideal dose of 1450ppm. Magnesium Stearate: This ingredient is purely practical – it’s a form of magnesium salt, and it’s essentially an anti-caking agent, keeping all of the other ingredients together as one piece. Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil: A natural anti-inflammatory that is not only good for your gums, but gives our toothpaste tablets their naturally minty flavour. Menthol: The ingredient that gives all toothpaste its signature minty scent and flavour, as well as creating that cool feeling in your mouth after brushing. Stevioside: Another natural sweetener that keeps your toothpaste tablets tasting nice. Mentha Piperita Oil: AKA peppermint oil. This nifty ingredient not only adds to the minty flavour, but it actually helps clean your teeth and gums much better, as well as triggering saliva production.
Do Toothpaste Tablets Work?
Absolutely! They might not look like much, but these tiny little tablets have all the benefits of a conventional gel toothpaste and more. While they aren’t technically a toothpaste (they are tablets after all), they work in much the same way. All you do is pop them in your mouth, chew for a few seconds, and then brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush as normal. If used correctly, the process is pretty much the same as brushing your teeth with a gel toothpaste, but without all of the mess! They are actually better than toothpaste in a lot of ways – they are plastic-free, easy to travel with, heat resistant and, most importantly, they contain fluoride, which means they are better for your teeth by a country mile. Each tablet is also perfectly formulated to be the correct amount of toothpaste and fluoride for one brush, and contain all of the critical ingredients to give you shiny, healthy teeth. The ingredients that make up PÄRLA are able to stand up against the big names in toothpaste and come out on top, removing plaque, preventing gum disease and tooth decay with every brush.