Next Generation thinking

At our core we believe in supporting a healthier future for each of our customers, our employees and our planet.

Below is a look inside the brand and how we structure our business to make one small change to contribute to a bright future.

Next generation thinking

Through continuous learning and development we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create a more sustainable, ingredient conscious product.

Each of our products is carefully designed by dentists to not only provide you with a fantastic product but cater for your oral health and total body wellness. As an example our Vitamin E and B12 in PRO to contribute towards your 5 a day, or the oral probiotics in our MOUTHWASH to help support your immune system. We are more than just a toothpaste.

Smile more

We believe in giving our community the confidence to smile more by providing them with a product to make them feel better.

The act of a smile can be as powerful as words in a song or speeches from leaders. Our community is here to support one another to find that confidence to do great things.

Empower conscious choice

We aim to educate and empower
individuals to make conscious choices for their oral care routine through positive sustainable change.

We all have a role to play to make protect the planet which we inhabit and by making one of the world's most sustainable products without compromising our quality ingredients is our way of giving something back.

Through our eco-friendly design our products are all ethically sourced giving us multiple accreditations and minimising our impact of production.

We reduce our waste by choosing to adopt a zero waste policy with zero reliance on plastic. We encourage our community to participate by making the ease of purchase to a new habit of a toothpaste tablet.

Radical Transparency

Through creating a safe environment for all we push for everyone to build meaningful
relationships, innovate, and accelerate our quest to redefine oral care for the next generation.

We are transparent on our ingredients, what we use and why regularly looking to other inspirations to help guide our product innovation, never compromising on ingredients.