The bad
(and the sad) bit:

Did you know that most toothpastes on the market:

Did you also know that

20 billion

tubes of toothpaste go to landfill or into the ocean each year?

Plastic in toothpaste tubes takes
500-700 years to dissolve.
Plastic in toothpaste tubes
is killing animals and ocean life.
Enter our
Plastic in toothpaste tubes
is entering our food chain.

More plastic
than fish in the ocean

By 2050, it is forecast by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Let's make a difference with


The happy ever after

PÄRLA is our eco-friendly solution to this never-ending story of destruction. Our toothpaste tabs are an ethical, eco-friendly and effective alternative to toothpaste in a tube.

Toothpaste should protect people’s smiles – without harming the environment or those who depend upon it.
Our plan is to radically transform what we use to clean our teeth.

By making one #onesmallchange in what we use to clean our teeth, we can protect the future – for us, for the animals, for the ocean and for our planet.

We founded PÄRLA, having learnt a lot about the science behind dental care.
We know what works, what doesn’t and understand the impact toothpaste can have on people, animals and the environment.

That’s why PÄRLA is different – a dehydrated toothpaste tablet made with clean ingredients that comes in a reusable glass jar with no more tubes and completely plastic-free packaging.

And even better, our PÄRLA tablets are made in the UK, which means a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

And the big reveal

Oh, and by the way, because we are dentists, we also understand the importance of the one most important ingredient that goes into toothpaste – fluoride
Many so-called ‘healthy’ toothpaste products that promote clean ingredients do not contain fluoride. Big mistake! Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in the world, affecting billions of people across the planet – and fluoride is THE most effective treatment against this.

So, while PÄRLA is free of many things – waste, plastic, animal cruelty, palm oil and SLS, for example – the one thing we have made sure it contains is fluoride (1450ppm), ensuring healthy smiles for everyone.

PÄRLA is the only sustainable tooth decay-busting product that protects your smile as much as it does the planet.