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45 applications per jar.

Introducing PÄRLA MOUTHWASH - a groundbreaking formulation masterfully designed by our dental experts to redefine fresh breath on-the-go! At the forefront of dental innovation, MOUTHWASH features a unique blend of oral probiotics that actively promote fresh breath and supports your microbiome.

Our carefully selected blend of oral probiotics works in perfect synergy to nurture beneficial oral bacteria. This balanced oral microbiome fosters an environment that bolsters optimal oral health, helping you maintain a sparkling clean and fresh mouth.

The MOUTHWASH is more than a freshener; it's a dental revitalizer. Enriched with natural plant based enzymes that lift stubborn stains, it serves as an efficient cleaner for your pearly whites. Not to mention, it's alcohol-free and fortified with Hydroxyapatite, a crucial component for strengthening and rebuilding tooth enamel. Experience a smile that's not just brighter and whiter, but healthier too!

Just like our commitment to exceptional dental care, our dedication to the environment is unwavering. Our MOUTHWASH tablets arrive in 100% plastic-free containers, with every element of packaging either refillable, compostable, or ultimately, infinitely recyclable.

Fluoride (225ppm); Hydroxyapatite; Sodium
Monofluorophosphate; Xylitol; Bromelain; Papain.

Double mint fresh! MOUTHWASH is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the modern, fast-paced lifestyle. Unlike traditional liquid mouthwashes, our portable tablets provide a convenient solution for achieving fresh breath while on the go.

Most people use mouthwash
at the wrong time – straight after brushing where it offers minimal benefit and can actually be detrimental washing away the vital fluoride from your teeth.

Using MOUTHWASH during the day (ideally immediately after lunch) will help maximise your oral health. The powerful ingredients in our MOUTHWASH will not only give you fresh breath but also give your teeth a mid day boost protecting them from dental disease and help maintain a whiter smile.

Fresh Breath-on-the-go, Stain Prevention, Balances Oral Microbiome.

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How to use MOUTHWASH 45

Chew, Swish, Spit

Chew for 10 seconds, swish for 1 minute, spit out into
the sink and then smile with your minty fresh white smile!


Lactobacillus Ferment; Isomalt; Sorbitol; Sodium Bicarbonate; Xylitol; Hydroxyapatite; Acacia Senegal Gum; Cocamidopropyl Betaine; Microcrystalline Cellulose; Yeast; Stevioside; Aroma; Magnesium Stearate; Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate; Calcium Carbonate; Menthol; Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil; Sodium Monofluorophosphate; Bromelain; Papain; Mentha Piperita Oil; Silica; Limonene; Fluoride (225ppm)

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Designed by dentists

All our products are designed to work in harmony with one another. Why not complete the regime with our fluoride powered FLOSS to get in between the teeth before you brush.

To be good for you

Our MOUTHWASH is formulated to protect your microbiome. Our PRO is formulated to contribute towards 50% of your RDA requirements through Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 to boost your total body wellness and support a healthy immune system. 

And the planet

Our zero waste policy pushes our innovation to be plastic free as we continue to drive change to make sustainability a habit and not a choice.