22 July 20

Five zero waste tips

All About Single Use Plastic

Today we wanted to speak to you all about single use plastic. It’s everywhere! We all know that its bad for the environment and can take up to 400 years to decompose, so its no wonder its getting into our food stream but sometimes it can be so hard to get away from! Thats why we made it easy with our jars, beautiful to sit in your bathroom but crucially no plastic, zip, nada, zero! Through the whole product line and manufacturing - seriously hard to do! Even the label is fully biodegradable!!!

If you are on subscription then you have chosen our most ocean and wallet-friendly option, you will reuse your jar anyway as your refills arrive through your letterbox you just pour them in. If you have bought a single month supply then please reuse the jar if you can and if not then of course you can recycle it very easily.

1. Plastic Bags

500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are still used worldwide - please use a reusable cloth bag - they look so much nicer anyway!!!

2. No more plastic water bottles - ever!

Please use a reusable bottle if you can (also keeps the water super nice and cold!)

3. No junk mail

Junk mail is a waste of electricity, ink and CO2 production - plus who really reads it!!? Put a “NO JUNK MAIL’ sign on your door to discourage would be mail droppers!

4. Say no to fast fashion

Fashion trends always come round again! Look at the 90s trend that everyone is loving right now. You may want to clear out the wardrobe but always store it or give it to a charity shop so it can be reused and reloved!

5. Food waste

The food industry creates an incredible amount of waste, be sparing with what you throw away and try to freeze or reuse what you can!