Suited to: Mouthwash tabs and Toothpaste tabs

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A simple way to travel. Being a tablet there is no reason to worry about liquids. Our travel tin caters for up to 21 tablets whether that is your ORIGINAL, PRO or MOUTHWASH. 

Simply slide the top of the TRAVEL TIN to open before placing your tablets inside, once filled close with the pop and lock system. The travel tin is air tight but we always recommend that you store in a cool, dry place. 

Made from recycled tin

The perfect container for your tablets when you are no the go. Whether you need your mouthwash during the day or your toothpaste tabs for your holiday this is the perfect travel companion Simply slide with your thumb to open and close.

Suitable for your mouthwash and toothpaste tabs.

How to use TRAVEL TIN

Slide and store

Simply slide the travel tin to open and close. The tin can fill up to 28 tabs, enough for your two week holiday.

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Designed by dentists

All our products are designed to work in harmony with one another. Why not complete the regime with our fluoride powered FLOSS to get in between the teeth before you brush.

To be good for you

Our MOUTHWASH is formulated to protect your microbiome. Our PRO is formulated to contribute towards 50% of your RDA requirements through Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 to boost your total body wellness and support a healthy immune system. 

And the planet

Our zero waste policy pushes our innovation to be plastic free as we continue to drive change to make sustainability a habit and not a choice.