Eco-conscious innovation

Introducing the PÄRLA BRUSH - a 100% plant-based innovation meticulously crafted by our dental experts with dual objectives - your well-being and the planet's health. Our BRUSH is composed entirely of panda friendly and fully compostable moso bamboo. Our bristles are also compostable and are made from castor beans (unlike most on the market which contain fossil fuel derived nylon!) ensuring you are making an environmentally responsible choice with every brush.

Our BRUSH has been ergonomically designed by our dentists to have the ideal shape for reaching round the back of the most hard to reach teeth. The bristles have rounded ends for maximum comfort while still delivering a superior clean. With its iconic design, the PÄRLA BRUSH is the ultimate bathroom accessory, designed to suit every mouth.

Experience the ease of our flexible purchasing options. Opt for a one-time purchase or subscribe for a hassle-free delivery to your doorstep every 4 months (the perfect frequency for changing a manual brush according to our dentist founders!). You have complete control over your subscription through your personal customer account - add, remove, pause, or cancel your subscription at your convenience. Embrace a healthier, greener and more beautiful oral care experience with the PÄRLA BRUSH.

Moso Brush; 100% plant-based; 100% compostable at home.

Use the TOOTHBRUSH to make sure you clean every surface of every tooth - that’s the inside, the outside and the chewing side!

Use the toothbrush with you Pro or Original tabs for best results.


All natural

Sustainably sourced bamboo, our bristles are made from 100% castor bean oil. Compostable at home.


Miso Brush; 100% plant-based

PÄRLA subscription service

Not just a toothpaste tablet, we have designed our products to fit right through your post box.

Our subscription is delivered every 4 months, why? The main reason is due to our sustainability commitment and reducing the CO2 emissions from delivering our products.

You get your very own customer portal where you can add, pause, delay and if necessary cancel your subscription.

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Designed by dentists

All our products are designed to work in harmony with one another. Why not complete the regime with our fluoride powered FLOSS to get in between the teeth before you brush.

To be good for you

Our soft bristle TOOTHBRUSH is designed to be soft on your teeth and gums. Like the rest of our range we always look to care more for you. Our PRO is formulated to contribute towards 50% of your RDA requirements through Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 to boost your total body wellness and support a healthy immune system. 

And the planet

Our zero waste policy pushes our innovation to be plastic free as we continue to drive change to make sustainability a habit and not a choice.

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