17 November 20

How can I whiten my teeth at home?

This question is one of the most searched on the net, and it is not uncommon for people to look up all sorts of at home. They want to try and mix various ingredients together or buy something over the counter. To understand whitening, we need to understand discolouration.

Extrinsic discolouration

First of all, there are outside sources that cause staining such as tea, coffee, red wine, smoking. These stains can make the teeth seem darker. In these situations, you need to see a dentist or hygienist for a clean; they will use special, safe cleaning methods to remove the stains. 

Stain removal can also be used at home with non-harmful sources such as a non-abrasive toothpaste. In this case, Pärla toothpaste tablets; which have four stain removal ingredients that do not damage your teeth. Flossing regularly and using tepe brushes can also ensure that you are removing plaque and stain build-up.

Intrinsic discolouration

Your teeth may also be discoloured from the inside. There are several reasons for this:

  • You are born with a genetic disorder making the teeth appear discoloured.
  • Your enamel has become thinner, exposing the underlying dentine. The dentine is yellow in colour. Enamel may be lost due to erosion so for example, acidic food and drink that strips away the enamel. It may also be stripped through internal acid sources such as acid reflux or vomiting.
  • Teeth that have experienced trauma, so for example, a knock may also be discoloured or needed root canal treatment.

It is so important that you see a dentist so they can help determine the cause for the discolouration. The key thing to understand, however, that for internal discolouration, the vital ingredient needed to help is peroxide.

Legally the highest percentage of peroxide available is 6% hydrogen peroxide or 16% carbamide peroxide. This is only available on prescription from a dentist. Some over the counter products contain peroxide, but it is a very low dose and may not make a huge difference.

Hydrogen peroxide is the only clinically proven ingredient that whitens teeth. As dentists, we provide teeth whitening in our clinics in a carefully controlled process. Please do not try baking soda at home. It can be very damaging to the teeth.

The outer layer of enamel is the lightest shade of your tooth. By wearing down this surface, it will eventually make your teeth darker in colour.

Whitening is totally safe when prescribed by a dentist and performed in the right cases. However, for gentle at home, naturally whitening and stain removal, you can POP A PÄRLA