16 October 20

How do I remove stains from my bonding?

A composite filling is a white coloured filling which can be added the edges of the teeth to make them appear longer, less chipped and less jagged. Composite can also be added to the whole surface of the tooth and this is known as a composite veneer. All these treatments have been named under the same umbrella of ‘bonding’. 

Bonding is basically a white filling material made out of a white resin. The resin has many advantages but it is prone to chipping and staining. It is a bit like getting shellac applied to the nails, it looks amazing on the day you get it done but needs maintenance. 

The bonding should be well polished by your dentist but it can still stain. Foods, drinks and habits that tend to stain the bonding include things such as turmeric, red wine, smoking, coffee. Of course, we cannot completely avoid a colourful diet but there are few things we can do so it can maintain its lustre and shine.

Use a non-abrasive toothpaste which has stain removal properties

Many whitening toothpastes are too harsh on the teeth and can permanently strip away the enamel. You want to choose something that can help lift the stains without damaging the teeth. This also applies to bonding and veneers. 

That’s why we love Pärla, designed by dentists we have 4 natural stain removing ingredients which can help lift away stains from the teeth without damaging the enamel.

Avoid foods that stain the teeth

Bonding material is prone to staining, so watch how often you consume substances that can stain, such as tea, coffee, and wine. It’s especially important to avoid consuming staining foods for the first 48 hours after any composite procedure. 

After having the bonding placed, call your dentist if you notice sharp edges on the bonded teeth or your teeth feel unusual when you bite down, always call your dentist if the bonding chips or pieces fall off completely.

Avoid cigarette smoke

Smoking can also stain bonding. This is caused by the tar and nicotine in the cigarettes. Smoking can make your teeth yellow in a short period of time and people who have smoked for many years often complain that their teeth are brown in colour and this is due to the staining from tobacco.

Go to the dentist regularly for cleaning and check-ups

The dentist or hygienist have the tools to help remove the staining from your teeth. They may use something called an ‘airflow’ to gently remove the stains from the teeth. It works by applying a jet of aerated water and mildly abrasive particulates that gently clean and polish your teeth. 

This an extremely effective method of dealing with plaque. As a bonus, the procedure will also remove many stains from your teeth.