01 July 21

The Truth about Illegal Teeth Whitening

We would all love to have gleaming pearly whites, but is there a correct way to achieve a killer smile?

In 2020 the General Dental Council (GDC) reported that there was a rise of 26% in reports of illegal teeth whitening. But why?

Recently there has been a big social media trend in teeth whitening. Influencers show off their blinding smiles and promote teeth whitening products to their fans.The majority of these products are overloaded with hydrogen peroxide, with 21 out of 36 exceeding the legal amount. The worst offender was 300x over the legal limit!

So we have put together a list of everything you need to know about teeth whitening - what to try, and what to avoid. Let’s take a look!

1. Get a full examination

Getting a full examination by a dentist is extremely important before starting the teeth whitening process. They can identify why your teeth aren’t as white as you like. There are many factors such as genetics, the enamel showing, dental decay and so much more! Without getting an examination you could cause more harm.

2. There is more than just hydrogen peroxide› 

It’s not just hydrogen peroxide that’s in teeth whitening kits! Many products contain ingredients that can be extremely harmful, so make sure to research exactly what the product you’re using contains.

3. The dangers of hydrogen peroxide 

Hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous if not used correctly! As a strong bleaching agent, using a concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is too high can cause serious (and expensive!) tooth sensitivity and damage. Swallowing hydrogen peroxide can even damage your esophagus and internal organs.

4. Only dental professionals can carry out teeth whitening 

Many salons provide teeth whitening with the majority of them practising illegally. All teeth whitening can only legally be carried out by professionals registered with the General Dental Council (GDC).

5. Buying 3rd party products can be illegal

Legally you can only buy 0.1% concentration of hydrogen peroxide over the counter for teeth whitening products, and dentists can use up to 6%. However, there are many products out there that contain up to 30% hydrogen peroxide! Not only is this illegal for them to sell, but it is also illegal to purchase. 

6. Getting trays fitted correctly 

Trays are very important, the dentist will make sure they fit correctly to get optimum teeth whitening. But they also are designed to ensure that product does not seep out and get ingested. 

We know it's important to you to get a gleaming smile, but just remember if it's not done correctly it can be dangerous. 

Top tip to take away? Teeth whitening can only be carried out legally in the UK by professionals registered with the GDC. So keep an eye out for that when you are choosing where to get your teeth whitened.

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