19 August 21

Tips on How to Travel Sustainably

Sustainable Summer

We love to travel but we also love the planet, so how can we keep our sustainable lifestyle while fulfilling our need to explore? We’ve got this covered with some handy suggestions on things to consider when planning your next holiday. Whether it’s a staycation or a long-awaited trip abroad, here are some simple ways to be considerate of the planet whilst having an incredible time! 

Set off on the right foot

Travelling sustainably begins with the journey. The key is to be considerate with how you get to your destination. As we know, public transport is a great way to reduce carbon emissions. Try choosing buses, trains or metros rather than driving, car hire or taxis. This is also something to try and keep up when you arrive and are travelling around the local area.

Pack to save the planet 

We know our toiletries and we also know how to keep them sustainable. Instead of buying lots of single-use plastic travel size products, you can make environmentally friendly choices. How? We have some inspiration for you...

Reusable makeup pads are first up because they are excellent at reducing our use of disposable makeup wipes and cotton wool. Even better? They take up less room in your suitcase. 

You can also swap out your mini plastic bottles of shampoo to shampoo bars. They last longer and have no plastic - why would you not?  

PӒRLA toothpaste tabs are completely plastic-free so are an excellent eco-friendly addition to your toiletry bag. They are also toothpaste in a dehydrated form - not a liquid. This means they can go in your carry on when flying! (Psssttt... we also have the PӒRLA bamboo toothbrush - also plastic-free and the perfect travel companion).

Accommodation to avoid

This may be a little surprising, but sustainable travel is affected by your accommodation choice. You should try and avoid all-inclusive resorts as these often have a lot of waste and pollution. This is a great opportunity to choose smaller, local hotels as sustainable tourism is also all about supporting the local area.

A lot of the waste we see in all-inclusive hotels comes from buffet-style meals. Instead of opting for hotels with this option, consider eating out at local restaurants, visiting local markets, or give cooking a go! You get to be a lot more adventurous and enjoy the food from the area - which is what travelling should be all about.

Shop Smarter 

We all love to do the traditional “holiday shop” before we go away. Spicing up our summer wardrobe so we look our best for those holiday pics. However, did you know that 350,000 tonnes of wearable clothing goes to landfill each year

Now, we don’t want to rain on your parade, just a gentle reminder to be considerate with your holiday buys. Choose timeless pieces that can also be worn at home, rather than impulsive buys that will last the holiday then end up getting thrown out. It will also save you money too! 

Now you are armed with how to make your travel more sustainable, where will you next explore? The key thing to remember is to not leave a place worse than you found it.

...oh and don’t forget to grab your PӒRLA toothpaste tabs - they are an excellent sustainable travel companion. Bon voyage! 

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