19 October 21

We have a HUGE announcement

The next step in the PÄRLA journey

PÄRLA launched in 2020 and since then we have been shaking up the dental industry. Here to take care of your oral health and the planet, we’re toothpaste tabs like no other. Designed by dentists, created for you, we just keep on getting better…

Today PÄRLA flew onto the shelves of Sainsbury’s! Everyone deserves a healthy smile that doesn’t harm the planet, so we wanted PÄRLA to be accessible for you all. Now you can just pop it in your basket during your weekly shop! 

We are so excited for this next step on the PÄRLA journey...

Now available in a total of 384 Sainsbury’s stores, pop down to your local and make the switch to PÄRLA today! 

We’re here to reduce the single-use plastic that dentistry is contributing to (just saying, 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes go into landfill or the ocean each year). It’s time for change, are you with us?