18 October 21

Sustainable Self Care

How to Keep your Beauty Products Eco-Friendly

Plenty of people are worried about how much waste they generate and want to make their lives more eco-friendly. Beauty and self-care are often overlooked in the journey to sustainability, but all that packaging and all those products add up. If you’re worried about making your beauty routine as good for Mother Nature as it is for you, here are our tips on how to keep your beauty products eco-friendly. 

1. Take it Slow 

Looking for new products one at a time as you replace them is the easiest way to get started. Focus on each product and do a bit of research into alternatives. If you start a few weeks before your favorite products run out, you’ll have an idea in mind for a sustainable alternative for it. This also gives you some time to test the new purchase. 

2. Find Eco-Friendly Packaging 

Don’t just look for products with sustainable ingredients – find ones with sustainable packaging. Algae and other marine extracts are ideal because they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen while making your skin look better than ever before. Avoid products with microplastics as these are dangerous for the environment. They can’t be recycled and pollute the ocean, putting marine life at risk. 

3. Use New Tools 

Swap out your standard cotton pads and wipes for washable ones you can reuse. You’ll help your wallet and the environment as you’ll never have to buy makeup wipes again. Buy a stainless steel razor to reduce plastic waste from disposable razors. Buy makeup applicators and brushes made with sustainable materials such as bamboo. Not only are these products better for the environment, but some of them – such as steel razors – are more efficient and effective. 

4. Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are another great way to create a sustainable beauty routine. You can use shampoo bars for your body and hair together, meaning you don’t need separate plastic bottles. Shampoo bars also last longer, giving you two or three times as many applications as a standard shampoo bottle. There’s plenty of great options out there to suit all scent preferences, so you’ll definitely find one you love. 

5. Buy Multi-Purpose Products 

The easiest way to reduce packaging and waste is to use multi-purpose products. Try a powder foundation instead of having separate powder and foundation. Buy a lip and cheek stain. Try combining foaming makeup remover and cleanser to save on cotton pads. Eyebrow pencils make for great eyeliners so you don’t have to keep both on you. 

6. Simplify Your Skincare

Similarly, you don’t need all the skincare products you think you do. You don’t need all those creams and serums. The different products you’ve been convinced you need all have similar ingredients. Focus on the bare essentials, such as a cleanser, moisturizer, and toner. That’s all you need. Keeping things simple like this not only reduces your waste, but it makes your routine much more efficient so it won’t take as long. 

7. Be Mindful of What You Use 

It’s easy to lose track of how much product you use. How many times have you used a face moisturizer on your hands because you applied too much to your face? How many times have you wiped excess foundation from your hands? Even the smallest amount of product goes a long way. Be more mindful of how much you use to make your money and products go further. 

8. Recycle Beauty Products 

You’d be surprised how many products can be recycled. Containers are great for recycling, as are screw tops and lids for containers. Don’t worry if you’ve been lazy about recycling your makeup before. Recycling things made from different materials or with residue, such as lipstick, gets confusing. Some brands even have makeup return programmes where you can get free products, or at least discounts, by returning your old and empty makeup containers. 

Beauty Doesn’t Have to Cost the World

There are plenty of ways you can create a more sustainable beauty regime. Eco-friendly makeup products and applicators are a great start. Get yours now and see the difference switching to a sustainable beauty routine makes!